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Why am I just now seeing this? THANKS TUMbusy life and lazy self with two jobs and… stuff. *sigh*

Cheers, mate. 😊






Ugh, where’s my puke bucket?

It appears that rather than attempting to improve the writing, they’ve chosen to try and distract everyone from it with gratuitous sex.  Ingenious!



Thank you but IF I wanted to watch sex I would watch porn.Reign season 2 is gonna be a huge disapointment.

I will follow this lead

So let’s do a poll. To watch this show will you be:

A./ Super tanked!
B./ Online streaming.
C./ Watching on the telly and hating myself.
D./ Fuck that. I’ll be spending Season 2 writing fic and pretending none of this is actually happening.
E./ All of the above.
F./ Depends. Is there chocolate?


The deleted Mash scene—something to consider…


It occurs to me that Laurie McCarthy was the main writer for episode 13.  Which means she wrote the deleted scene that we’ve all been dying over.  AND she all the other scenes in that episode, most of which I’d rather die than watch again.  

It must be a confusing and troubling place, Laurie McCarthy’s mind. 

After the show has been cancelled hopefully an interviewer will be able to run the maze (hah.) that is her mind and illuminate us as to what the hell was going on there.

Seriously. Whenever I happen on a female-helmed show that’s creative and engaging I get stoked, but this has been a Monet. I’m alternately embarrassed for her and by her.

On the other hand, the CW birthed the creative powerhouse that is Julie Plec, *rme*, so not sure what I was expecting.

Back into the welcoming arms of Shonda Rimes and her multiracial casts, epic arias, and not-so-gentle nudges at the establishment, I guess.