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Oh your little "scenes" for His Mary just make my heart melt. You are killing me with these little cut (or future?) scenes for Bastian and Mary in your fic. I can't get enough of it...why didn't you write for Reign again?

Aw, thanks! Some of these are darlings that I just don’t want to kill and some will pop up again edited to better fit the rest of the story. Glad you enjoy them. :)

And you know the answer: If I wrote for ‘Reign’ it might actually make a modicum of sense, conflicts might actually stick and be ongoing, characters might actually have personalities, and then heads would explode. Nobody wants that. Oh, wait…

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On paper, FM look good. I even bought into it for about ten seconds. And they're generally the type of love story I'm into. But on screen, just doesn't work that way for me. They're riddled with problems and the issues never get hammered out. They're just glossed over, ignored, and we have this better option that we're not even supposed to be rooting for. Which makes no sense given how problematic the main couple are. I don't understand this show and I guess it's why I have no interest in s2.

Right. So basically we have two flawless people in pretty clothes whining about how hard their lives are and having sex a lot. *yawn*


(NOT claiming graphic as mine, just repurposing it because it fits a bit I wrote for ‘His Mary’. Bastian and Mary have made amends. He gives her a kiss before he heads off to meet with Msr Oudrie the embroider master. But little do they both know this appointment includes Madame [aka Diane de Poitiers] and that the resulting separation will test their bond.)




This is the Mary I have in my head when I write ‘His Mary’. This is also the Mary that actually existed: She was fun loving, playful, and at times petulant, egotistical and frustrating.

I wanted to see more of this Mary.  I still can’t get that quote about her dressing up and sneaking into town with her friends and pulling pranks out of my head.  I’m okay with her going cold, but I wish it had been put off longer with Francis’ death as the impetus.

That article. Goddamn. 

There is no historical record of Henry II ever having had an illegitimate son.

BULL. SHIT. Even Wikipedia knows your game is weaksauce.

Henry II also had three illegitimate children:

Diane, duchesse d’Angoulême (1538–1619). At the age of fourteen, the younger Diane married Orazio Farnese, Duke of Castro, who died young in battle. Her second marriage was to François, Duke of Montmorency. Henri d’Angoulême (1551 – June 1586). He was legitimized and became governor of Provence.
  • By Nicole de Savigny:[17]
Henri de Saint-Rémy (1557–1621). He was given the title of Count of Saint-Rémy. One of his last descendants was Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy, Countess de la Motte, famous for her role in the Affair of the Diamond Necklace at the court of Louis XVI.

Dear Douchebags: DO. YOUR HOMEWORK.Love, Me.